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"Jeremeeee." The door was being pounded on, with little regard for Stephanie or for whether anyone else might like to sleep. (Though, this being a Darling twin on a Saturday, it wasn't especially early anyhow.) While the voice was different, the intonation was definitely Juliet's.

Juliet had heard that every so often, people turned into the wrong gender on the island. She could believe it, after the past year: She just didn't want to think about it. So when she woke up and realized things weren't quite right, she only had a brief moment of complete and total freakout before she found a mirror.

The equipment was different, but she was almost okay with it if she just looked like Jeremy. Not thrilled, because she liked being a girl, but if she had to be a boy her brother was about as comfortable a fit as she was going to find.

She just had a few pressing concerns.

"Let me in, doof. I wanna see if you're me now." Another few knocks. "Jeremy! I am stretching out my clothes."

In which Jeremy is also less than overjoyed at the sudden onset of identicalness. )

[OOC: Preplayed with the fantastic [ profile] stars_and_money. Mostly establishy, though you can catch Juliet in the hall if you want!]
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Juliet didn't make a habit out of going into the boys' bathroom or anything. That would be skanky. It was just, sometimes in the morning you realized were out of the good hair gel and needed to borrow your brother's, and you couldn't find him so you decided to see if maybe he'd left it lying around.

So you snuck into the boy's room and found a)no good hair gel and b)written proof that every boy at the school other than Jeremy was a pervy science geek.

She liked the Nyan gremlin, though. That was kind of cute in an annoying way.

She fled the bathroom quickly and went back to her room until ethics class, passing the time making a list of the many reasons girls were better than boys. Number one was that girls don't draw penises on their restroom walls.

[Cracked door, open post.]


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