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It was ridiculously early to go home for Thanksgiving, in Juliet's opinion, but Portalocity told her it could only guarantee first-class tickets through Monday evening. Besides, there was always important shopping to do in New York. She figured Professor Skywalker would forgive one teeny-tiny missed ethics class if she explained her reasoning, though she was still hoping to get a look at the cast list for the winter recital before she left.

She left a message for Jeremy before she started slowly packing a bag for a week or so. It was a rather large bag.
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Juliet was on the phone with Karen, Vogue Italia spread open on the bed before her as she tried to make her sister understand which dress she needed for her birthday party.

"It's red," she explained again. "It has netting. It's on page ... one-twenty-something. Italian Vogue. September. No, not the Calvin Klein, the Betsey Johnson."

A break. "No, no, red. I said red. ... what do you mean, it looks like last season? Mean. Maybe I'll just come home and do my own shopping. Fine. Bye."

After hanging up, she went to the closet and pulled out a suitcase to pack for a week back in Manhattan. She hadn't been terribly excited to spend her break building houses in the middle of an arctic wasteland to begin with, but with a birthday party to plan for it was time she simply couldn't waste. There were preparations to make.

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