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By rights, Juliet Darling should have been packing. She was, after all, due in Fandom in just about twelve hours. The hurricane of brightly colored designer clothes attacking every surface in her room testified that she'd made at least some effort at sorting out her clothes.

At the moment, though, she was flopped on her bed, staring at the ceiling, and occasionally sitting up to yell sarcastic things down the hall to where she was pretty sure her mother was still lurking. "I hope you and Daddy are very happy to ruin my life," she called. "Nobody goes to boarding school anymore. Certainly not in Maryland."

Letitia seemed to have decided to ignore the fit. Fine. Juliet would cuddle a dog for consolation as she sulked and waited for her brother to come in to share her misery.

She shouted again. "Jeremy!"


And Jeremy had been just outside the door, making his way over from his own room that was similarly covered in clothes (though not nearly as bright) and other assorted things he wanted to take with him.

"What?" he asked as he walked in, spreading his hands. A couple of ties hung over one of his arms, and he seemed way more chill about this whole thing than Juliet did.


The fact Jeremy was calm about this was just the icing on the cake. Juliet's question -- something about a missing phone that was probably just in another purse anyhow -- flew out of her head.

"How come you're taking this so well?" she asked sourly. "We're being exiled. You could at least fuss."


Jeremy shook his head. "We're not being exiled," he said, taking a seat on the edge of her bed. "Come on Jules, we're just going to boarding school, so what?"

"Okay, so it's in Maryland --" That was giving him some trouble with his packing, because what did they even have in Maryland? "-- but you don't know, it could be totally sweet."


"What do they even have in Maryland?" Juliet asked, sitting up. "All I've heard about is crabs. The seafood kind."

Still petulant, she added, "I just don't want to leave New York. We were fine."

Other than the, ahem, disagreement with the principal at their last school, but in Juliet's mind, that had been strictly a matter of opinion.


Something like that, anyway.

Jeremy reached for her hand. "Well, maybe... Maybe it's good for us, to like... Broaden our horizons, y'know?"


"My horizons are perfectly broad," Juliet claimed, hugging the dog closer with one arm as she reached for Jeremy with the other.

Wistfully, as if trying desperately to see a bright side, she added, "Maybe the suffering will be good for me as an actress."


"Exactly!" Jeremy replied, with some enthusiasm. It wasn't really directed at her attempts at acting, but he wanted to encourage her. "See? It doesn't have to be all bad. And if I wanna go to space I should be able to handle Maryland, right?"


Juliet smiled. Almost. She was thinking about it, anyhow. She hadn't exactly psyched herself into liking this, but her tantrum had been cut short.

"At least there's gravity in Maryland," she said. "Maybe they have decent parties, too. You never know."


"You never know," Jeremy agreed with a smile, giving her hand a little squeeze. "So can I go back to my packing? 'Cause I have a lot of it to do."

He was packing for a private room. Maybe half a dorm floor.


"I should pack too," Juliet said reluctantly, looking around the room. "Go ahead. And send a maid in if you see one. I think they all took off."

They had, and it might have happened because Juliet had thrown a shoe. In her defense, she hadn't thrown it exactly at the maid.


Jeremy gave her hand another squeeze, then let go and got to his feet again. "Will do," he said, as he started backing away, and pointed a finger at her. "Soon enough, we'll take Maryland, Jules. And Maryland better be ready for us!"

With that smirky statement, he exited. He still had his PS3 to hunt down, for one.

[OOC: Preplayed with the delicious [ profile] stars_and_money. NFB, NFI, OOC is win.]


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