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Hello, you've reached Juliet Darling. I must have slipped away for a moment, but leave a message and I'll get back to you. Ciao!

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Juliet Darling was back in her room and hating everything. It had been far too early to have to catch a portal back to Fandom (and let's not even talk about how long it took the Darlings to book it - it was like the recent drama hadn't taught Portalocity anything about customer service). Plus, she already missed New York like crazy.

Still, she was here now, and she had finals to take -- ew -- and a school recital to talk her way back into. Also a coke, which a very nice bear had handed her just before she walked into the dorms.

In short, as much as she hated everything, life could be worse. She'd just take a few minutes to unpack and then get off to Ethics.

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It was ridiculously early to go home for Thanksgiving, in Juliet's opinion, but Portalocity told her it could only guarantee first-class tickets through Monday evening. Besides, there was always important shopping to do in New York. She figured Professor Skywalker would forgive one teeny-tiny missed ethics class if she explained her reasoning, though she was still hoping to get a look at the cast list for the winter recital before she left.

She left a message for Jeremy before she started slowly packing a bag for a week or so. It was a rather large bag.
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Juliet was on the phone with Karen, Vogue Italia spread open on the bed before her as she tried to make her sister understand which dress she needed for her birthday party.

"It's red," she explained again. "It has netting. It's on page ... one-twenty-something. Italian Vogue. September. No, not the Calvin Klein, the Betsey Johnson."

A break. "No, no, red. I said red. ... what do you mean, it looks like last season? Mean. Maybe I'll just come home and do my own shopping. Fine. Bye."

After hanging up, she went to the closet and pulled out a suitcase to pack for a week back in Manhattan. She hadn't been terribly excited to spend her break building houses in the middle of an arctic wasteland to begin with, but with a birthday party to plan for it was time she simply couldn't waste. There were preparations to make.

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"Jeremeeee." The door was being pounded on, with little regard for Stephanie or for whether anyone else might like to sleep. (Though, this being a Darling twin on a Saturday, it wasn't especially early anyhow.) While the voice was different, the intonation was definitely Juliet's.

Juliet had heard that every so often, people turned into the wrong gender on the island. She could believe it, after the past year: She just didn't want to think about it. So when she woke up and realized things weren't quite right, she only had a brief moment of complete and total freakout before she found a mirror.

The equipment was different, but she was almost okay with it if she just looked like Jeremy. Not thrilled, because she liked being a girl, but if she had to be a boy her brother was about as comfortable a fit as she was going to find.

She just had a few pressing concerns.

"Let me in, doof. I wanna see if you're me now." Another few knocks. "Jeremy! I am stretching out my clothes."

In which Jeremy is also less than overjoyed at the sudden onset of identicalness. )

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Juliet didn't make a habit out of going into the boys' bathroom or anything. That would be skanky. It was just, sometimes in the morning you realized were out of the good hair gel and needed to borrow your brother's, and you couldn't find him so you decided to see if maybe he'd left it lying around.

So you snuck into the boy's room and found a)no good hair gel and b)written proof that every boy at the school other than Jeremy was a pervy science geek.

She liked the Nyan gremlin, though. That was kind of cute in an annoying way.

She fled the bathroom quickly and went back to her room until ethics class, passing the time making a list of the many reasons girls were better than boys. Number one was that girls don't draw penises on their restroom walls.

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Juliet had kind of missed the whole ponies thing, which would make her sad if she hadn't been spending the days in Regency England. It felt like she'd just fallen into Jane Austen, even if it was a little annoying that people kept asking where her escort was. (Juliet had learned to smile brightly and look right past these people, as if searching for someone far more interesting.)

She came back to the island with her prizes -- two new frocks of summer muslin, a bright-tinted bonnet, and an edition of Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare. She paged through the stories with one hand while she ate some genuine Regency lemon candies with the other, door open in case anyone interesting came down the hall.

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After the cupcakes final (and Juliet still thought that was about the greatest class ever), Juliet went back to her bunk to do some party planning for the weekend. She thought she had food taken care of, but finding a fireworks vendor who would deliver to an island off the coast of Atlantis was harder than she'd expected.

She might have to portal out to pick them up.

She had just hung up from another frustrating call when the phone rang with a call for Tony -- his friend Rhodey, as he'd expected. Her side of the conversation went like this:

"No, he's not here. I can take a message."

"Juliet." A pause. "Juliet Darling. He loaned it to me."

"I don't know! He was going to work on some computer stuff."

"What? I certainly did not kidnap him. Honestly."

She hung up the phone in a huff, barely aware of the panic she was no doubt touching off for Tony's best friend. She was more worried about the party decor.

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As a Maltese, Juliet had learned that the perfect nap spot was a pashmina human-Juliet had carelessly discarded in a corner of her room.

The bonus: The pashmina also offered some quick cover when she woke up from a nap and suddenly wasn't a toy dog anymore.

Juliet let out the obligatory shriek, wrapped the scarf around herself, and made a few plans. She needed a shower, some human food, and a good gossip session so she could figure out what she had missed -- more or less in that order.

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It wasn't Juliet's fault. She was minding her own business -- which happened to be calling every milliner she knew in New York to see if anybody could make her a hat like Princess Beatrice's -- when all of a sudden, she wasn't talking into the phone so much as yipping into it.

At least she had truly excellent fur.

Juliet the Maltese puppy managed to hit the "end call" button with her nose, than hopped off the bed and waggled out into the hall. There was a whole world of smells to explore.

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It was hard to be too positive about any day that started with jellybeans falling on your head when you were supposed to be showering. On the other hand, it was Easter and Juliet had a couple free weeks before summer classes would start up -- and, well, a fresh handful of jellybeans made for a fantastic breakfast.

So she had her candy, and a book of dramatic monologues, and a wee blue lamb who had wandered in after a teeny-weeny bit of one of the monologues got read aloud for the sheer joy of the language...

She still wasn't certain where any of this came from. But, as she stroked her new pet's fur, she reflected that it might not be a bad morning after all. All she needed was some chocolate to wash down the jellybeans.

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It took Juliet a moment to realize where she was when she woke up. The room was too small, the bed too narrow, and the light ... the light was distinctly not flattering.

There was probably no one at the reunion to bring her her usual cup of tea in bed, either.

She grumbled to herself a bit as she rummaged around to find some clothes. She would have booked a hotel room, but she'd decided on a lark to stay in the dorms to blend in. Stupid decision; the TV show was between seasons, so she wasn't even going to get some footage of herself with old school friends as a reward. She'd asked them to make an exception and send out a cameraman with her, but they said she wasn't even the chief ratings draw anymore. It was absurd -- even if she wasn't the one with an advice book on the bestseller list just then, she was still the only Darling they had.

Once she was dressed, she'd have to call home to check that the nanny was getting Colette to her Saturday baby ballet class, and not making excuses about how Colette wasn't even walking properly yet. Motherhood was such a chore.

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In Juliet's word, Friday morning meant time to start getting ready for the weekend.

Today, though, Friday seemed to mean ... not much in particular. She texted back and forth with a few people from New York, but it just got depressing hearing about the fun she wasn't having. So she called Jeremy out of boredom, but even he didn't pick up.

Dispirited, she flopped back on her bed with a Tennessee Williams biography (and no angora sweater), leaving the door open in case anybody interesting wandered by.

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By rights, Juliet Darling should have been packing. She was, after all, due in Fandom in just about twelve hours. The hurricane of brightly colored designer clothes attacking every surface in her room testified that she'd made at least some effort at sorting out her clothes.

At the moment, though, she was flopped on her bed, staring at the ceiling, and occasionally sitting up to yell sarcastic things down the hall to where she was pretty sure her mother was still lurking. "I hope you and Daddy are very happy to ruin my life," she called. "Nobody goes to boarding school anymore. Certainly not in Maryland."

Letitia seemed to have decided to ignore the fit. Fine. Juliet would cuddle a dog for consolation as she sulked and waited for her brother to come in to share her misery.

She shouted again. "Jeremy!"

And Jeremy had been just outside the door... )

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